Srimad Bhagavatam Summary – (1.6) – Conversations between Narada and Vyasadeva

Srimad Bhagavatam Summary - Canto 1 - Chapter 6
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Srimad Bhagavatam Summary – Canto 1 – Chapter 6
Conversations between Narada and Vyasadeva


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Followup Inquiries from Vyasadeva

Suta Gosvami said – After hearing from Narada Muni, Vyasadeva made the following inquiry.

Vyasadeva said: What did you do after your initiation to transcendental knowledge from the great sages? How did you receive the body as Narada Muni after quitting the old one? How do you still remember the activities that happened on the previous day of Brahma? Tell me how it is still fresh in your mind without the effect of the destructive time?

Narada Muni receives special mercy

Narada Muni said: The sages who gave me transcendental knowledge left for other places. I was the only son of my mother. Therefore, I was the only one she could look for protection. No doubt, she bound me in her affection. She wanted to take good care of me. But like a puppet in the hand of the Supreme, she could not do much because she was not independent. At the age of five, I lived in a brahmana school dependent on my mother’s affection. I had no experience of any other land. One night, being bit by a snake while going out to milk the cow, my mother died. I took this as a special mercy of the Supreme Lord. That is to say, He always desires good for his devotees. Being free from all attachment I went to the north.

Narada Muni moves to the forest

On my way, I saw big cities, towns, villages, farms, valleys, gardens and forests. I saw hills and mountains, which were full of natural resources. I went through dense forests with trees, grasses, weeds and caves. Furthermore, I saw forests with dangerous wild animals. I was hungry and thirsty because of long travel and weariness. Soon, I felt relief after I took bath in a river and drank water.

Narada Muni meditates under a Banyan tree

Thereafter, I took shelter under a banyan tree in a forest without any people. I began to meditate on the Super Soul as I learnt from the great souls. No later, tears rolled down from my eyes as my meditation turned to Lord’s love. Now, The Supreme Lord Krishna was sitting in my heart. At that time, I was feeling happiness without bounds. Each part of my body enlivened separately. It was so overpowering that at the time I could not see myself or the Lord. The form of the Lord was very satisfying and it made the mind clear of any disparity. But upon losing the form of the Lord, I became greatly disturbed. I tried to repeat similar concentration on my heart, but I could not see the Lord’s form again. I became extremely aggrieved. Finally, the all-merciful Lord, seeing my endeavour, spoke to me in pleasing words.

Supreme Lord speaks to Narada Muni

The Supreme Lord said: I regret that you will not be able to see me in this life anymore. Those who are incomplete in service and who are not completely free from all material taints can hardly see Me. You just saw me once so as to increase your desire for me. You will be free from material desires as much as you hanker for me. A few days of service unto Me can give the devotee the resolute intelligence in Me. As a result, he will leave this miserable body to become my associate in the spiritual world. No one can obstruct the intelligence deployed in my devotional service. Your remembrance will continue by my mercy through the time of destruction and creation. Soon, the invisible Supreme Lord in the form of sound did not speak anymore. I offered my obeisances to Him.

Appearance of Narada Muni

Thereafter, I began chanting the glories of the name and fame of the Lord. Thus, I travelled all over the earth. I

Srimad Bhagavatam Summary - Canto 1 - Chapter 6 - Conversations between Narada and Vyasadeva

Narada Muni enters the body of the Lord through His breathing

became contended, humble and non-envious. Soon, absorbing myself in the thoughts of Krishna, with no material attachments in my heart, I met with death. Thus, I got a spiritual body like that of an associate of the Lord. After the end of Brahma’s day, Lord Brahma entered into the body of the Lord. At that time, I also entered the Lord’s body through His breathing.

After 4.3 billion years, Lord Brahma woke up again to create by the will of the Lord. All the great Rsi came from the transcendental body of the Lord. I also appeared with them. Since that time, I travel everywhere both in the spiritual world and the material world. This is because I perform unbroken devotional service to the Lord. I travel everywhere to spread the glories of the Lord. I sing His glories while playing the transcendental instrument Vina. The Supreme Lord gave me this instrument. The Supreme Lord Krishna at once comes in the seat of my heart as soon as I chant His glories. It looks as if He comes upon my call.

Final instruction of Narada Muni to Vyasadeva

It is my personal experience that people in anxiety due to sense gratification can cross the ocean of ignorance. This can happen on a boat of constant chanting of the transcendental activities of the Lord. It is true that through restraining senses by yoga one can get relief from disturbance of desire and lust. However, the satisfaction of the soul comes only through the devotional service to Lord Krishna. Thus, I have explained my birth and activities. This should satisfy your question.

Suta Gosvami said: Thus Narada Muni took leave from Vyasadeva. He left while playing on Vina to wander at his free will. All glories to Sri Narada who enlivens the distressed soul by spreading the glories of the Lord. By doing this he himself takes pleasure.



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