Srimad Bhagavatam Summary – (1.4) – The Appearance of Sri  Narada

Srimad Bhagavatam Summary Canto 1 Chapter 4
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Srimad Bhagavatam Summary – Canto 1 – Chapter 4
The Appearance of Sri  Narada

Srimad Bhagavatam Summary Canto 1 Chapter 4

Srimad Bhagavatam Summary Canto 1 Chapter 4

Questions raised by Saunaka Muni

In this chapter, Saunaka Muni asks Suta Gosvami to speak the Srimad Bhagavatam. Further, he inquired when, where, why and how did Srila Vyasadeva get the stimulus to compile this great work. The son of Vyasadeva, Srila Sukadeva was a great devotee. However, on the outside, he was like a mad and dumb person. So, were people of Hastinapura able to identify him when he entered the city?   How did he meet King Pariksit? How did he speak Bhagavatam? Please tell us about the great devotee King Pariksit? Why did he give up everything including his powerful position as the Emperor of the world? What made him sit on the banks of Ganges and fast until death? How did King Pariksit decide to give up his body which was the shelter for others?

Saunaka Muni said, “You can answer all these questions because you are an expert in the Vedas.”

Suta Gosvami Answers

Suta Goswami then spoke about Vyasadeva’s birth. Vyasadeva was born to Parasara Muni and Satyavati at the overlap of two Yugas. Vyasadeva saw the future and became concerned for the welfare of the people in the age of Kali. He saw a decline in good values in the new age of Kali. People will have less duration of life, become faithless and impatient. He saw that sacrifices in the Vedas can curb the effects of the age of Kali. Sacrifices will purify the work of people and put them on the right path. Therefore, he divided and expanded the Vedas into four.

He assigned the four Vedas in the care of his disciples. Paila Rsi was in charge of Rg Veda. Jaimini became in charge of Sama Veda. Vaisampayana took care of Yajur Veda. Angira Muni was in charge of for Atharva Veda. While Romaharsana took charge of Puranas and historical records. These learned scholars gave this knowledge to their disciples. In this way, the knowledge went on in the disciplic succession. Thus, it was easier to gain knowledge for the less intelligent people of Kaliyuga. Vyasadeva wrote the Mahabharata for the welfare of the women, sudras and dvija-bandhus.

Vyasadeva was still feeling incomplete even after doing such welfare for the people. He thought this could be because he did not write about the devotional service of the Lord. While Vyasadeva was thinking like this, Narada Muni came to meet him on the bank of river Saraswati. Vyasadeva got up and with all respects did worship of Narada Muni.


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