Are you trying to kidnap Sita?

Stop! Do not Kidnap Sita

Sita is the Goddess of Fortune. She is the loving and devout wife of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Lord Ramacandra. She is the internal energy of the Lord. Nevertheless, Ravana was so to say successful to kidnap Sita.

Occasionally, a question comes to the mind for many that how can the nefarious demon Ravana kidnap mother Sita. 

As a matter of fact, Kurma Purana reveals the answer. It says there that to satisfy the burning desire to attain Sita for personal enjoyment, Ravana tries to kidnap Sita. However, he happens to kidnap only an illusory Sita. The real Sita, the wife of the Lord Rama always remains at the service of the Lord. 

Upon analysis, we can see that we are no different from Ravana.

In reality, what did Ravana do? Ravana's goal was to attain Goddess of Fortune independent of Rama. 

Are we not doing the same thing?

Do we not try to kidnap Sita by accumulating wealth for our personal enjoyment? 

Are we not trying to forcefully take what is not ours? However, in our pursuit of illusory things we forget that this goal is impossible to achieve. 

Our position is of the servitor of the Lord. Like, Vibhisana was a servitor of the Lord. He set all his opulence, fame, power and resources for the Supreme Lord. As a result, Lord Rama personally enthrone Vibhisana as the King of Lanka.

We have to stop becoming Ravana. That is to say, not to enjoy independently from the Supreme Lord. We should use all our resources, wealth, family, strength, knowledge, fame and renunciation for the service of the Lord.

This is the way we can align our life with the Supreme Lord and become happy. 

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